About Me

Hi, My name is Jeff Handley

I’m an Entrepreneur & Dreamer!

Since June 1998, I have traveled the world as a panoramic virtual tour photographer. Over the years I have learned a ton about what it takes to create a great virtual tour. In my opinion, if you have a photo of your business on your website, then you need virtual tours to tell the rest of the story. If one static picture is worth a thousand words, then a 360° virtual tour must be worth millions! My dynamic virtual tours will tell your story and show off your business in a very unique way – unlike still photography.

I offer my services worldwide, focusing mainly on the hospitality industry. However, I am always eager to explore new panoramic opportunities no matter the subject.

In May 2013 I was approached by Google and became a Google Trusted Photographer and began offering my 20 years of experience to clients – shooting Google Business photos in the Greater Phoenix Arizona area. Since I’ve joined the program, I have been ranked as a Top Performer.


My Skills

360° Virtual Photographer
Mac Geek
Music Festival Goer
Tiki Lover